10 Tips for Saving Your Photography Dollars
and Making Your $$$ Work Harder

Planning a social event can be a lot of fun, but at times can be a little stressful. As you are no doubt finding out, expenses add up quickly. Can you save money and still afford a great photographer? Incredibly -- yes!

Tip #1: Choose a Package that's Best Suited for Your Needs

Ask: Can I customize my package?  Am I forced into an expensive package up front, or can I add what you need at the end, to avoid overspending?  Do I want an album, or should I ask for images only?  Is a guarantee available?

Tip #2: Make Sure Your Photographer Lives Near You

Plan: A lot of work has to happen after the wedding in order to create an album.  Customer service issues often crop up and can be hard to address if the photographer lives far away.  Is my photographer reachable through the internet, phone, and personal visits when necessary?


Tip #3: Ask About Alternative Services

Decide: What if I want highly processed images (from Photoshop)?  Black & white or sepia toned?  Can I get retouching? Add or subtract individuals?  Remove the background?  Use spot color? Inquire about the costs.

Tip #4: Agree on a List of Pictures That Will Be Taken

Plan: Nothing is more frustrating than finding out a family grouping or event you wanted wasn't taken.  Your money will be better spent if you get what you want.  Communication before the wedding will help you save money and frustration later.


Tip #5: Compare the More Expensive Options with the Low Cost Options

Do Pocketbook Pilates: Album upgrades are great, but can run into hundreds of dollars.  Today, there are very economical albums of high quality.  Being flexible will help save you money.

Tip #6: Ask if Lab Services are Included

Ask: Are there extra charges for standard retouching?  Are additional retouching options reasonably priced?

Tip #7: Compare Prices for Upgrades and Framing

Splurge: A memorable wall portrait will give back to you for a lifetime.  Are frames priced competitively with local frame shops?  Does low quality become all-too-apparent when an image is enlarged to wall size?  Are canvas options reasonably priced?  Can you get collages (multiple images on one wall portrait)?  Are many album styles available for you to choose from?  Are the album companies all capable of exceptional quality?

Tip #8: Review Your Photography Bill

Double Check: Mistakes do happen.  Were you charged twice for anything?  Was there a contract which spelled out what you are entitled to, and was it all delivered?  Is the photographer flexible enough to handle changes you want without a price increase (where appropriate)?  Were all your payments applied?  A good photographer will use a professional accounting system, like Quickbooks, to keep accurate tabs on your bill.

Tip #9: Ask for a Discount

Discover: Does your photographer offer a discount if you pay the entire bill in cash up front?  Does he or she run any specials?  Does he or she offer prints at half price for a limited time right after the event?  Taking advantage of these specials and discounts can save you significant amounts of money.

Tip #10: Divide Up Your Bill

Look Ahead: Can you divide your balance into monthly payments, to make it affordable?  Can you purchase a basic package before your wedding and add upgrades later?  Getting your upgrades after you have seen your pictures makes sense, because that's when you know how much you love your pictures and want more… or don't! And you will probably have received some gifts of money.

Will You Love Your Pictures?

If you don't love your pictures, all those dollars will go down the drain.  Now that's expensive!

Let's face it-- No price is good if you don't love your pictures!  So spending a little more on a photographic artist just might be the wisest way to invest your photography dollars.


Making Sure You Chose the Right Photographer

What amazes Charles about photography is the complexity of the craft. There are so many different possibilities and concepts. Plus, exposure, composition, lighting, posing, color, emotion, expression, framing, etc. The challenge to a photographic artist is to craft the proper mix of all of these elements to create the perfect photo.

Although it is easy to snap pictures, it requires a high degree of skill and experience to create beautiful images.

This is the reason why there are many decent photographers, but few great ones. You have only one chance to capture those moments. If they miss it, you miss it forever, No amount of Photoshop will ever get it back.

Choosing Charles Jablow Photography will guarantee you lots of great pictures! Our Lifetime Guarantee says so!


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