Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is your style? I'm worried about a photographer bothering me all night.

A: We are very unobtrusive, but do know when our job requires that we exert some control. Besides a few of the traditional portraits taken early on, the rest of your exciting event is captured in a very photojournalist style. Most of the time you have no idea of the photographs that we have taken until you see them after your wedding. Here is what we usually hear at our view and choose: "I want all of these images!" "I had no idea that happened," and "I don't remember seeing that!"

Q: How long after our wedding until we get our album?

A: Your album is ready 4 - 6 weeks after your approval of the final album design.

Q: Do you bring back-up equipment?

A: Yes- we always have back up equipment. And we are always prepared.


Q: How many photographers?

A: 1-2 for your event


Q: Do I get the proofs or negatives?

A: You will get a DVD with your images on it and we can post your images to the web.


Q: What is " wedding photojournalism"

A: Wedding photojournalism from Charles Jablow is capturing the photographic memories of your wedding without interfering with you and your family and friends. Our approach results in a true wedding essay to cherish for years to come. We also use special techniques to achieve a very special "look" to our work, which focuses attention on you.

Want to know more? The final look of our photos is similar to the look of the best magazine fashon photography. It captures the best moments, a certain look, your groom's personality, and dynamic events caught at the peak of action and emotion. Our brides and grooms use the word "awesome" to describe it. Do you deserve any less?

Q: Can I customize my package???

A: Yes - all packages can be customized to fit your individual needs and we are often called on to do so. We are very flexible and easy to work with.

Q: What is the Engagement Session??

A: This is a combination of posed images and photojournalistic images capturing the fun and romance of your new beginning together. Location are open, to find the location that fit your personalities.

Q: Do you offer Payment plans??

A: Yes we do! You can spread out the payments over several months. With monthly payments this makes it easier on you and your family.

Q: Why Charles Jablow Photography?

A: Charles Jablow is an exceptional photographer and is a skilled photojournalist who will capture the story of your wedding day as it unfolds naturally! We capture the moments of your new life together. We capture some beautiful treasures and artistic images to treasure for years. You get exactly the style that you want. This means the images are beautiful and emotional.

We care about our clients and work very hard to make sure you get what you want in every respect. Our customer service is legendary. We are surprisingly affordable. Our staff is experienced and loves to work with you.

We have a great planning sheet that can help you plan your day, to remove the stress.

Come see us and find what's new this year!

Q: Do you help us pick out our photographs or are we on our own??

A: We can help, but really you are the only one who knows which images you like best.

Q: Can I get a consultation??

A: Absolutely!! A free personal consultation is the best way to discover our unique approach.

Q: Where are you located and will you travel?

A: Our location is Tysons Corner, VA. We are very close to Montgomery County and have a lot of clients from there and Washington as well as Northern VA. We will travel. If it requires overnight stay then we will include the expense in your package.

Q: Is there a limit to the numbers of pictures taken?

A: We usually take between 800 - 1200 images. Every wedding is different and uniquely it's own. Is is impossible to decide beforehand, the correct number of images for a given event. To tell your entire story, we take as many images necessary to preserve your memories. "We see stories of emotions and capture them."

Q: What should we look for in a photographer??

A: You should look for the person that photographs in a style that fits your personality. You spend more time with your photographer then anyone else, so make sure you feel comfortable with them. If you are comfortable with that person, and if you can see that they have a passion for an artistic approach to photography, your images will be amazing.

Your wedding album is a treasured heirloom that will be passed on. Make sure you get exactly what you want. Your studio should offer a choice of beautiful albums and you should be able to upgrade your package after the wedding. Remember wedding photography is like anything else: you get what you pay for.

Q: What is your formal training? And are you a member of any professional organizations??

A: Charles has trained with, visited, and/or apprenticed with some of the country's finest photographers including three who teach internationally. Despite his many years in photography, he continues to take classes where there is a chance of learning something new.

Charles is a member of several organizations:
PPA-Certified Professional Photographer (fewer than 3% of all professionals have earned this designation)
Member, Professional Photographers of America (PPA)
Member, Virginia Professional Photographers of America (VPPA)
Member, Professional Photographers' Society of Greater Washington (PPSGW)
Member, Southeast Professional Photographers Association (SEPPA)

Q: How soon can I view my images? How will I view them? Can family and friends view them?

A: You can see your images within a few days after your wedding, if you wish. Most couples go on their honeymoon and see us when they return. We make a pass through the images (often 1000+ images), then they make a pass. After that, we post them for friends and family to enjoy.

Q: What is your price range?

A: Charles Jablow Photography has packages ranging from $2600 to $6000 with many affordable packages in between. Our most popular wedding package runs $3595. Custom packages are always available for those who wish it. Everyone is individual and needs vary - this is why we have a wide range of packages and albums ranging from informal but high quality to very fancy. All are totally awesome! Contact us today for more information at (703) 216-8878 or info @

Q: What do other photographers cost in Greater Washington?

A: The budget photographers cost less than $2000, some are even less than $1000, but you may want to check on their reputations, customer service, and on what you really get. Mid priced photographers run about $2500 - $6000, and very established photographers run $7000 up. Sometimes price is a good indicator of quality, but in photography, it just isn't that simple.

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